It is our pleasure to present you with an extraordinary discussion about Raising Children, from the perspective of a successful truly successful parent and motivational speaker, Mr. Chaim Hirsch, with Rabbi Laredo.

YOU MUST WATCH THIS, Chaim Hirsch is incredible at combining Torah concepts, practical tips and stories!

• Here are the main points we discussed:

• The importance of prayer and education to succeed in parenting, raising happy, healthy, proud and confident children.

• Successful parenting is based on successful Shalom Bayit, Marital Peace.

• Sibling rivalry and tips on how to create sibling harmony.

• Personal time with each child during the week.

• Tomorrow (Shabbat) is the eve of the new month (Erev Rosh Chodesh) Sivan, and the Shelah Hakadosh’s prayer for successful children should be said. It can be found and printed at this link:

• The Holiday of Shavuot, celebrating the Transmission from Sinai – The Messorah Chart (link here: )
o Chaim’s famous colored Transmission from Sinai chain link.
o Make sure to learn Torah on Shavuot with your children, making it a memorable experience.

We also shared one of the many great books on successful parenting, here it is:
With Hearts Full of Love – written by Rabbi Matityahu Solomon. The book can be purchased here:


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